Você pode salvar as imagens no seu computador e imprimi-las se quiser.
1- Clique sobre a miniatura da imagem;
2- Depois que ela abrir, clique com o botão direito do mouse sobre ela;
3- Clique em “Salvar imagem como…” ou “Save image as…”.

If you are writing a paper requires the help of a professor, they are rewrite my paper looking for convincing arguments backed by solid evidence from literature. To make a strong argument, you must start with a well-defined thesis, then a succinct paragraph that explains the subject and provides the facts needed to justify your argument. Your conclusion must be as powerful as the thesis giving the reader an understanding of the topic and also allowing them to recall the most important aspects of the paper. The content section should present your own point of view and not that of critiques. Do not make meaningless references or mentions of critiques that you don’t know about.

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