The others include inability to regulate emotions, feelings of emptiness and unworthiness, unstable self-image, self-destructive behaviours and self-harm, anxiety/depression/anger…sounds a lot like p52 to me. Due to the nature of frequent episodes of powerlessness over our behavior, attached to addiction and alcoholism, we often acted in a way we would never act in sobriety. We had limited control over behaviour at times due to intoxication and acted on occasion in a way that shames us today. The other part is that this guy, if an alcoholic like me, has real difficulties accessing in his heart and mind how he actually “feels” at any particular time.

  • Instead of acting on my upset by saying to someone, you have hurt my feelings I do the opposite, I react and attack them in my head, my thoughts, my words and sometimes in my actions.
  • These are the lifelong habits that are started and taught at Jaywalker Lodge as a comprehensive initiation into a life of recovery.
  • We also engage daily with the 12-Step lifestyle — unity, service, and recovery.
  • We use to blot out the feeling of loneliness we experience and we use to numb ourselves from the existential pain we experience simply by existing.
  • Seeing the same traits that were harmful before, turn to assets and lead to a more incredible life is often the first thing that attracts newer members to recovery.

I’m more commonly known as Tosh (it’s a nick name, but everyone I know in real life calls me it); just in case there’s any confusion; I tend to use Tosh or Ken interchangeably and it confuses some; including me. It’s a funny this spiritual malady thing; I actually had to look both words up in the dictionary to understand what it was implying.

The Spiritual Approach To Recovery

Since alcohol is seen by the human body as a toxin or poison, the brain sends a message to the liver to get to work, and treat it as such. Thus, the alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream, and takes about an hour to metabolize.

what is a spiritual malady

For me, as someone who has been treated for anxiety and depression prior to recovery the 12 steps appear to have treated these as emotional consequences of my underlying condition of emotion dysregulation which I call alcoholism. Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Unlike other diseases, addiction contains a spiritual component referred to by 12 Step recovery fellowships as a “spiritual malady.” The spiritual component of the disease is of major importance, and requires spiritual treatment to be overcome. He then offered his definition of the word ‘spiritual’.

What Is A Spiritual Malady?

It is emotionally healthy to live in the day … in the here and now. Professional therapists teach people to live in the present. AA encourages members to share their experience, strength and hope with other members. It is emotionally healthy to accept our past experiences, however painful, as past events and move on to a richer, more fulfilling future. What we used once to regulate negative emotions and a sense of self has eventually come to regulate our emotions to such an extent that any distress leads to the compulsive response of drinking. Alcoholics had become a compulsive disorder to relief distress not to induce pleasure.

what is a spiritual malady

This is a Judea-Christian belief structure of bad versus good and I believe that I did not join AA to become good but well. AA may have started within the Oxford Group but has gradually moved away from their tenets.

The Missing Piece: The Spiritual Malady

The reason for this struggle is the spiritual malady that they face and on a larger scale, it is also the reason for all human suffering. Bear with me on this one, but I believe that the spiritual malady that addicts and alcoholics face is also experienced by almost everyone else on the planet, yet it expresses itself in different manners. Defined as a phenomenon of craving, meaning that an individual with an addiction has a mental obsession, meaning the brain is wired in a way that will become obsessed with finding ways to get drunk, and stay drunk. A physical craving coupled with a mental obsession and spiritual malady.

Apart from dissecting the Big Book so as to have a firmer grasp on the 12 Steps and program and in general, it also is designed to help us decipher the intricate language and wording used from a different time period. Old timers and recovering people with more experience can explain in layman’s terms just what the author Bill W. Was trying to relay in a far more easily digestible fashion. Thankfully, the“spiritual malady”is no longer a“missing piece”of Step One for me.

How Does My Liver Heal After Drinking?

It is a reality of my powerlessness and unmanageability and enables me to see why I so desperately need to seek a Power Greater than myself. And unless this malady is recognized, and a course of action is taken to enable God to remove it, the root of our alcoholic illness can lie dormant and burn us when we least expect it. As addicts we can become so focused on the outward form our addiction takes – whether that booze, drugs, sex, overeating, etc. – that we overlook its deep roots at the core of our being. This spiritual malady is the restless spirit, the soul sickness Sober living houses that if left untreated will begin to ooze symptoms of emotional insecurity worry, anger, self-pity, and depression, even if we have been sober for years. There are certain benefits that can be healthy when a person obsessively seeks development and self-improvement. The first of these is that individuals that are seeking to better themselves in one way or another are often eager to learn and thus open to the experience. This allows individuals to be flexible and open-minded in their pursuit of more knowledge that can assist them in their quest for better knowledge.

what is a spiritual malady

Again, this may seem like obvious and simple wisdom, however, there is a monumental difference between giving it lip service and truly and deeply believing in it. Thanks to alcoholism and AA, I had come to believe it. For example, one variable I believe is slightly different in alcoholism to other affective disorders is distress based impulsivity which leads to maladaptive decision making, it leads to always wanting more of that…that anything. Sins I believe are the poisoned fruit of fear, often helped along in alcoholics by false pride, shame and guilt.

Overcoming The Spiritual Malady

This does not mean that they removed themselves from religion, although the two can be synonymous, but it simply means that within their soul or the core of their being, they suffer from a profound loneliness. The reason for this is because addiction is at its core a spiritual malady. If you wish to contact a specific medical detox center then find a specific treatment center using our addiction treatment locator tool. However, long term drinking can damage the liver beyond repair. If you are concerned about the effect of you drinking on your liver, it’s highly recommended that you speak with your doctor.

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TOM DORSEL : There’s nothing to fear here Opinion

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When the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was written and published in 1939, the times and language of those times was incredibly different than modern times. This is one of the reasons that Big Book study groups have become so popular among recovering alcoholics.

What Is A spiritual Malady?

When I am in fear and shame the same pattern of negative reactions entrap my heart in its’ poisonous grip and I react in a way I would not choose to, if more reasonable. I related and all my negative emotions retreated to source like a evening tide on a beach. I respond to feelings of humiliation by humiliating you, I react to my chronic shame by attempting to created shame in you. These are my main negative emotional reactions to the world that often scare me and make me feel ashamed. Sometimes the shame persists for some time and I try to relieve it by behavioral addictions, too much shopping, too much eating, too much objectification of the opposite sex. Instead of acting on my upset by saying to someone, you have hurt my feelings I do the opposite, I react and attack them in my head, my thoughts, my words and sometimes in my actions. However, there seems to be a problem specifically with a patterned mesh of negative emotions which are activated when someone upsets me.

what is a spiritual malady

These defects are related to me being an alcoholic, they are intrinsic to my what is a spiritual malady condition. I sin so naturally, effortlessly and usually without even trying.

The Spiritual Malady : How To Attain Peace Of Mind And Lasting Happiness Paperback

And when an addict feels trapped, the bottle or drug or casino is one sure thing with which to escape. I want to make clear to members that these thoughts are not definitive treatise on the subjects.